Simmering Sunday - Jambalaya Recipe


This is one of my favorite recipe's of all times. My mom took a trip to New Orleans many years ago and brought me back a signed Cajun Cookbook by Chef Jude Theriot. Needless to say, I was hooked on Cajun food ever since. 

Any good cook knows that you take a recipe and make it your own even if that recipe is perfect. Everyone likes different things and a simple modification can make it down right fabulous! I have modified Jude's Jambalaya recipe to include chicken, shrimp, sausage and crawfish. If you don't like any of the meat ingredients then don't use them. It is that simple. :-)

This recipe will take you about 30 minutes to prepare. To really get that great taste then let it simmer for another 15 minutes to allow the spices to infuse with the dish. You can make this dish as mild or as spicy as you would like. Enjoy!


1 lb. of boneless/skinless chicken breasts
1 pkg. of sausage (I use Hillshire Farms Beef Sausage but you can use whatever you like)
1/2 lb. of cooked shrimp
1/2 lb of crawfish (you can get from the freezer section of your grocery store. Thaw out before using.)
1 medium or large onion (I use vidalia onions - sweet onion)
1/2 cup of scallions - the green parts (this ingredient is optional)
2 medium bell peppers (I like to use red, yellow or orange peppers - gives the dish a colorful look)
3 cloves of garlic ( I use 2 tbsp. of minced garlic in the jar. Cuts down on preparation time - tastes the same).
2 cans of stewed tomatoes (14 - 15 oz. each)
1 can of tomato sauce (14 - 15 oz.)
1 can/carton of chicken stock (8 oz.) or chicken broth (12 oz.)
1 1/2 cups of cooked rice (I use Minute Brown Rice but you can use whatever you like)

To Add Heat to the Dish:
1 tbsp of diced jalapeno peppers (I used jarred jalapeno's - saves time)- (this ingredient is optional)
1/2 tsp of Louisiana Hot Sauce (my preference) or Tabasco Sauce (this ingredient is optional)

1/2 tbsp of Salt (I like to use Kosher Salt - courser blend of salt)
1/2 tbsp of Cracked Pepper (I like to use Peppercorn Melange - gives it a distinct taste)
1 tsp of Onion Powder
1 tsp of Oregano (dried or fresh)
1 tsp of Basil (dried or fresh)
1 tsp of Thyme (dried or fresh)
1 tsp of Parsley (dried or fresh)
1/2 tsp of Lawry's Garlic Salt

  • Cut  your onions and bell peppers into small pieces (doesn't have to be perfect).
  • Get a big pot and add some olive oil to the bottom of it. Heat it up (medium heat) and add in your onions and peppers. Sauté them for about 3 minutes and then add your garlic and scallions to the mix for 1 more minute. 
  • Add your stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken broth and spices. 
  • Add your jalapeno's and Louisiana Hot Sauce to the dish if you would like it to be spicy. I love spicy foods so I add the heat. You can decrease or increase the measurements depending on how hot or mild you like your food. * Just remember - you can always add more spice but you can't take it away. When all your ingredients are added - taste your dish. Then you can add more heat if needed at that time.
  • Take your cooked shrimp and cut each shrimp in half or thirds. Add to the dish. If using raw shrimp then cook first. That is why I like to use peeled and deveined cooked shrimp. Saves times. :-)
  • Add your thawed crawfish. They come cooked in the package so no further preparation is needed. Add to the dish.
  • Turn your heat on the stove top down to low (setting number 2 or 3) and cover your pot with a lid. 
  • Cut up your sausage in small pieces and sauté in a pan until slightly browned. Drain the oil/grease from the sausage. Add your sausage to the dish. Cover pot and let it continue to simmer. 
  •  Cut up your chicken into small pieces. Spray a pan with Pam Cooking Spray and add your chicken. Sprinkle your chicken with Lawry's Garlic Salt and Cracked Pepper for an added taste. Sauté chicken until thoroughly cooked (be careful to not over cook). Add cooked chicken to the dish. Cover pot and let it continue to simmer. 
  • Prepare your rice. I like to use Minute Brown (or white) Rice. It cuts down on time and tastes great. You can use more or less rice depending on how much you like. I like to use 1 1/2 cups of rice...seems to work perfectly for the dish. 
  • After your rice is prepared then add it to the dish.Cover pot and let it continue to simmer for about 10 - 15 minutes to allow all the ingredients to infuse with each other. 
  • Turn off burner and take off the lid. Let the dish sit for a few minutes before serving. 
This recipe makes a lot of food so don't forget to share it with those you love. Bon Appétit! :-)

* This dish is great with red wine.

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ohkeeka January 2, 2011 at 4:35 PM  

Ooh, this makes me hungry--I LOVE jambalaya (I make a veggie version, though).

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Pain SUX January 2, 2011 at 7:17 PM  

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This recipe is making me hungry again, and I just ate, lol.

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lighttraveler January 2, 2011 at 9:28 PM  

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Miss Sara January 3, 2011 at 9:49 AM  

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Anonymous,  January 5, 2011 at 12:38 AM  

I have never tried Jambalaya, believe it or not, lol. But that looks yummy :) I'm a new follower. I think the layout is so pretty :)

Karen January 11, 2011 at 12:55 AM  

This looks a little labor intensive, but I bet the result is yummy. Probably even better the next day, huh? Stopping by from Alissa's Tasty Tuesday. blessings on your day!

Chihuahua Girl January 11, 2011 at 3:26 AM  

Hi Karen! Oh, how right you are on both accounts. It is a labor of love but worth it in the end. It is like spaghetti....tastes even better over the next few days. When you have a little time to spend in the kitchen you should try it. It's definitely worth the labor. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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alissa January 11, 2011 at 8:40 PM  

This looks delicious Tina. I like jambalaya but I've never made it myself - I will have to give it a try.

Thanks for linking up to Tasty Tuesdays.

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