Helpful Hints for the Laundry

We all do's a fact of life. I actually don't mind it so much. I would rather do laundry all day than vacuum or do dishes. Here is some helpful hints for your laundry (stains, fuzz balls, etc.)

Fuzz Balls on Clothes (happens a lot with sweaters and socks)
  • Remove the fuzz balls by going over the fabric with a clean razor (shaver). It will not harm the fabric. Go over it slowly so you don't accidentally shave too much fabric off and cause holes in the fabric. Once your razor is full with fuzz balls - tap the razor in a garbage can to remove the debris and continue to shave the fabric. I have done this hundreds of times to all sorts of different fabrics and it has worked wonderfully. 

Removing Hem Creases
  • White Vinegar will help remove a permanent crease. Sponge the material liberally with the vinegar and press with a warm iron. 
  • Try this when lengthening old jeans. The white hem lines will disappear if you mix permanent blue ink with a little water (keep adding water until you get the perfect shade). Then apply to fabric with a small brush. Let dry and no more telltale hemline. * Note: when washing jeans for the first time after applying the color - wash alone a couple of times before adding them to your other clothes just in case the color bleeds.
Before Wearing A New Garment (secure the buttons)
  • Touch the center of each button (front and back) with clear nail polish. This will seal the threads and buttons will stay on much longer. 

Removing Ballpoint Ink from Clothes
  • Apply hairspray liberally to stain. Rub with a clean dry cloth and the ink will usually disappear. If the ink is still there then reapply the hairspray until stain is gone. Wash after the stain has disappeared. 
Removing Chewing Gum from Clothes
  • Place garment in plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Scrape off frozen gum. 
  • Or, loosen gum by soaking in white vinegar or rubbing with a egg white before laundering. 
Removing Candle Wax or Crayon from clothes (works great on furniture too)
  • Place the stained area of the clothes between pieces of a brown paper bag and press with a warm iron.
  • For Furniture: Place a brown paper bag over the candle wax and then press with a warm iron until all the candle wax is gone. I have done this a ton - works great! :-)
Removing Red Wine from Clothes
  • Sprinkle the spill immediately with lots of salt. Dunk into cold water and rub the stain out before washing. 
Removing Perspiration from Clothes (arm pit area)
  • Soak the garment in warm vinegar water. 
Extra Tip (Eliminating a knot from a necklace)
  • If a necklace chain is knotted, put a drop or two of olive oil (or any vegetable oil) on a piece of wax paper. Lay the knot in the oil and undo it by using two straight pins. It should unknot easily.


Clayton Thomas January 22, 2011 at 5:44 PM  

New follower- I do most of the laundry for my family and have never heard of this trick. I will have to give it a try.


Laura January 23, 2011 at 8:21 AM  

New follower from the blog hop.
Look forward to following your blog.


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