Go Green In Style - Fabulous Totes!

I absolutely love collecting tote bags! I use them for everything - shopping, traveling, creative storage and as a doggie diaper bag (so to speak) for my pups and all their stuff. I have had lots of tote bags in the past but none that I have liked more than the ones at Ballard Designs. They have some of the cutest totes around!

Their jute totes come in an array of sizes and colors. You can even have them monogrammed for free. The handles are made of leather so they are very sturdy. I have had one in every size (small, medium and large) and almost every color. They make great gifts as well!

Ballard Designs also has some other really cool and unique wire totes....totally fabulous! Curious? Click here and here to check them out. They even have some safari totes for the animal in all of us.

The totes range in price from $ 5 - $ 32. At that price you can get one in every size. Happy Shopping! :-)

Here are some of my favorites.....


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