My Favorite Wines

I love wine. Who doesn't, huh? ;-) I've tasted many different wines over the years. Some were expensive while others were not. What I have noticed is that not all expensive wines taste good and not all inexpensive wines taste bad. Here are some of my favorites....

Oak Grove Zinfandel - This wine is my favorite "everyday" wine. Since the wine is so inexpensive (cost: $9 at Total Wine) you could drink it everyday if you chose. It is a rich wine that gives you a burst of wild raspberry and plum flavors and follows with a touch of peppery spice. This medium to full-bodied red is sure to please both your palate and pocket.

Dominican Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon (2003) - One of the best cab's I've tasted! Fantastic value (cost: $15 - $20 at Total Wine)! It is a rich, full-bodied wine that goes down smooth with a long finish. It has strong hints of vanilla and oak. It is delicious -- you won't be disappointed.

Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir -  This is an amazing wine -- a huge favorite of mine! Saintsbury has a few different Pinot's. Make sure you get it from the Carneros region.  It is an elegant, medium-bodied wine with rich flavors of black cherry, sour cherry and spice. Another fantastic value (cost: $20 at Total Wine)! It is delicious and super smooth.

Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay - This is my ultimate favorite white wine! It's from Beringer's Private Reserve not to be mistaken with the regular Chardonnay. It is a rich, full-bodied Chardonnay with aromas of butterscotch, lemon curd and toasted almonds which evolve into rich tropical flavors that are balanced by bright citrus notes. It is a wine for special occasions (cost: $35 - $40 at Total Wine). This elegant, luscious wine is a must for all Chardonnay lovers!

Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon (2006) - This is a truly amazing wine! Each year tastes different. In my opinion, the 2006 vintage was exquisite. It is a rich, full-bodied wine with powerful aromas of  ripe blackberry, dark cherry with notes of vanilla and cocoa. This wine is pretty expensive (cost: $60 - $80 at Total Wine) but so worth it. Great for special occasions or if you just want to splurge. This wine makes my taste buds happy!

WINE TIP: Red and white wines should be poured towards the middle of the glass. Sparkling wines should be poured against the side of the glass. When you finish pouring a glass, twist the bottle slightly to stop any drips.  

Look for more wine tips and fun facts in the coming weeks. Salute!  :-)


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