Relationship Stressors.....

I absolutely love Tony Robbins! For those who aren't aware of who Tony Robbins is (if that is possible :-), he is an amazing life coach. His widsom, insight, energy and motivation have helped me out on more days than I can remember.

Many years ago, my husband and I purchased Personal Power and Get The Edge - just two of Tony's Personal and Life Achievement Systems. It was the best money we ever spent. It helped us turn our life around and really get focused. He has many other programs out there depending on what area of your life you are struggling with or if you just need a little extra motivation. Who doesn't need that from time to time?

The thing that I love most about Tony is his passion for helping people. It isn't just about the money. We all need to make money to live and do the things we want and love to do. Tony gives away free advice in the form of video's, teleconferences and material on his website. He gives away so much because of his love for helping others. I can't say enough wonderful things about him! :-)

Below is a video that Tony and his wife Sage (who couldn't love her) did on Relationship Stressors. It is wonderful and the points are so true. We all go through stages in our relationship where things are great and not so great. The insight that Tony and Sage offer (if you do it) will help your relationship sore to a new level. Enjoy!

I will post Part 2 of Relationship Stressors by Tony and Sage Robbins soon. You can also view it on You Tube if you can't wait and are excited to watch it. :-)


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